Calligraphy Sets

Fude is the brush

• The size of the brush will be determined by the size of the characters that we intend to write.
• The handle is usually made from bamboo, and the brush is made of horse, cow and rabbit hair.
• We must use it gently and take very good care of it. After each use, you must clean your brushes well.
• The brush is an extension of your body, and as part of your hand.


Suzuri is the inkstone


It is made from a specific stone.




Sumi is the ink stick

It is made of a resin, a glue and a perfume.
Water is dropped on the inkstone and rubbed well with sumi to make a blackink.



Bokuju is the ink


The modern version of ink is liquid in a bottle.


Hanshi is the paper

Japanese calligraphy paper is called "rice-paper" in English.
There are many different shape of paper. Normally, the type of paper will depend on the calligraphy style and the size of the characters to be written.



Bunchin is the paperweight

A paperweight is used to keep the paper in place when you write.
It is usually made of metal and copper, but any kind of weight will work.



Shitajiki is the spill pad

When you write calligraphy, you should place you spill pad under the hanshi to protect the table from ink stains.
The spill pad is made of soft felt, but newspaper can be substituted.



Fudemaki is the brush holder

It is a brush holder, normally made form bamboo, that protects the brush hairs from harm when you transport your equipment from place to place.